Quick fact for you all. This question has always stumped me because I couldn’t taste or see any difference, but it was never important enough to stay in my mind so I never got around to researching it. Well now I have.

Essentially, they are the made in the same way so in that sense they are basically the same thing. The only difference is the size they are made in: Brie is traditionally made as a large flat wheel, and Camembert a small round wheel. The only other difference is their terroir which is something like the region in which it is made (a concept also in wine). The idea is that certain regions produce slightly different tasting products even if they are meant to be essentially the same. However, to someone like me, I really can’t taste the difference. Besides, Brie and Camembert are no longer exclusively made in their original regions any more (Brie in south-east Paris and Camembert to the west near Normandy) so the difference is moot. The stuff you buy at supermarkets is not technically Brie or Camembert any more, just a facsimile that essentially tastes the same, unless the brand makes them different on purpose.