What can I say? I like being a know-it-all and occasionally (when necessary), I do my research to back it up. Sometimes I feel like my research and cleverly crafted retorts are wasted on keyboard warriors and internet trolls so I figured I’d make a blog as an info dump for all my knowledge.

I’ll be sticking to what I know, so the blog will mainly be about English syntax (which includes grammar, punctuation, spelling and all other forms inherent in the English language), random facts that I find interesting, and some cool science (including theories and discoveries).

I’m a huge Grammar Nazi, but not the in-your-face kind. I usually only bother correcting someone who has tried to correct somebody else and failed. Don’t hate me too much, I’m like a Grammar Nazi Nazi.

I’m not very good with “About Me” writing as I find it difficult to tread the line between arrogance and being meek to the point of boredom. I’ll sum up here with some “qualifications” so you know I’m not just spouting nonsense.

I live and was born in Sydney, Australia, but my parents are Chinese born. Yes, an ABC, or banana, or whatever other names there are for it. My education consists mainly of Sydney schools, with the exception of half a year in Boulogne Ecole in Paris. I graduated from a selective high school, Sydney Boys High, and am about to graduate from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce.

My mother and stepfather were the two leading physicists in Australia before retiring, and whilst my interest in science is more directed to the stars than on a quantum scale, I have a rare opportunity to bounce my thoughts off some incredibly intelligent minds.

My relationship with the English language is something special to me. I’ve been an avid fiction writer since a very young age and am currently working on my magnum opus – a 120,000 word novel that I hope to complete, polish and submit to a literary agent by the end of the year, who will hopefully get it published. In addition to my passion for writing,  I tutored HSC English for two years and wrote for a local newspaper for a brief period of time (The Liverpool Link – not sure if it’s still around, it may have changed names).

That brings the “About” to an abrupt end.