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A word or phrase used to characterise something. It can be used as a descriptive substitute for the name/title of a person such as The Great Emancipator (Lincoln) or Alexander the Great.


This is an essential for fantasy writers. You should always know what you’re writing about, and that includes all weaponry and armour.



A padded defensive jacket often worn underneath metal armour (because wearing plates without anything underneath is stupid and painful), although it can also be a defensive garment by itself. Similar to a gambeson (it is quite unclear what the difference between a gambeson and aketon is, so treat them the same).



(Pertaining to sound) Pleasant sounding.

She had a mellifluous voice that never failed to make him smile.

This is a cool one because I think everyone can relate to this word but few people use or know about it.



Referring to obscene matters (usually sexual), mostly as a type of humour.

His joke was shockingly ribald but they still laughed uncontrollably. 



Dealing with difficult, profound issues of which there is little known.

It was a recondite treatise that raised more questions than it answered.

Sometimes longer is not always better. This is a great one because it looks like a typo.

Mien (pronounced meen):


A person’s appearance, including look and manner, that indicates their character.

Per-ni-cious; adjective

Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.

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